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Soul Alignment Necklace

Soul Alignment Necklace

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Soul Alignment Necklace

The Soul Alignment Necklace combines environmentally friendly electroplating with a design that adheres to European and American standards. The high-quality plating ensures both style and durability. The necklace features a simple shape, expertly crafted to create an illusion of a longer neck. Its personalized vertical rod shape reflects the wearer's free and easy temperament, making it a distinctive and meaningful accessory.

Note: Please note that the product size and weight are measured manually. Slight variations may occur, which is considered normal and adds to the uniqueness of each piece.


  • Product Style: Europe and America
  • Commodity Material: Alloy Copper Chain
  • Optional Colors: Gold, Silver (Colors in photos are captured in-kind; if there is a slight color difference, please refer to the actual product)
  • Size: 65cm (25.6") + 5cm Extension Chain
  • Weight: Approximately 5 grams

Gift Occasions: The Soul Alignment Necklace is an ideal gift for various occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to special moments. Consider gifting it on:

  • Valentine's Day
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Company Benefits and Recognitions
  • Any joyful and memorable party or event

This necklace not only complements various styles but also carries a symbolic representation of individuality and freedom. It serves as a thoughtful and stylish gift for expressing appreciation and celebrating important milestones.



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